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40 Songs And A Limited Budget - Caveboy

Last week we reported that Montreal band Caveboy were teasing their new single to fans with a fun interactive Instagram game inspired by escape rooms. ‘Hide Your Love’ at its core is about the desire for connection — being in love with someone who’s in love with their phone, in love with their social media self,” the band says. “Wanting to connect with a person who’s forgotten how to be present, lost in technology and their online status, illuminating loneliness and desire.” Written by the trio — Michelle Bensimon, Isabelle Banos and Lana Cooney — and produced by Derek Hoffman, “Hide Your Love” is another electro-pop earworm from a band that specializes in addictive pop melodies. Have a listen:

We wrote close to 40 songs and searched high and low for the right producer. We felt like our previous material never managed to reach the sonic level we dreamt of because of our limited budget and experience. We’ve always been so precious about our music and have struggled to let outsiders into our creative process. It dawned on us that we would have to let our guard down to create something truly special. We finally found the collaborative partner we’d been dreaming of in Derek Hoffman (RALPH, The Trews, Arkells). We immediately referred to Derek as the fourth brain of Caveboy. He knew exactly what we wanted; he took what was in our heads and turned it into reality. Our dream team spent six months through the winter of 2018 and 2019 working through all our demos to create the 10-song world of our debut album Night in the Park, Kiss in the Dark. We couldn’t be more proud of it. 


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