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Betcha - "Falling" Music Video

“It’s such a staple to be a four-piece rock band,” exclaims Charlie. “You can literally name dozens and dozens of groups with this setup. Individually, it was something we all aspired to. It was our dream. We grew up loving these kinds of guitar-driven acts. It took a while, but we ended up with the right combination together.”

“The best case scenario for us was to build a four piece band that all had the same sense of music and style,” adds Taylor. “Somehow, we made it happen.”

“We used to practice in a cold garage, plug in, and play,” recalls Ben. “Now, we try to switch up our creative process, so it’s not just bass, guitar, drums, and electric instruments. We’re incorporating more electronic-based ethereal elements. We’re grinding to make the best music possible no matter what is. It’s all under the umbrella of who we are.”

Betcha’s new music video is visually captivating to say the least. Featuring a yellow color palette that’s pretty mellow, and a few well hidden cuts, you’re gonna want to sit down and have a glass of lemonade for this one. This video also captures the struggles of being an artist and keeping up appearances for the public eye. Check out the video right HERE

"Betcha is something you can listen to in any type of mood," says Greene. "If you're getting ready to hit the highway and need to fing jam out, you can blast Betcha. If you're feeling down and need something to vibe out to in your room, you can blast Betcha. We're never going to limit ourselves. That's our mindset, and it takes all of us to achieve it."


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