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Dayglow. Exactly what vinyl should Sound Like.

Just like The POP Stream's list of great vinyl albums of 2020, Dayglow's "Harmony House" is proving to be the best of 2021.

So far "Close to You" is looking to be The POP Stream's song of the year. But then you have songs like "Something", "Whoah Man", "Balcony" and of course "Medicine"?

I Like the way artists do this now. They release singles on Spotify and other platforms. Like singles from the old days. I guess we used to call them 45's. Then they release their full album. Well, that full album is only available on Daylglow's website. Yeah! I looked for last years' "Fuzzybrain" on Amazon but it was not there. Or on any other online record dealer website. I ended up buying straight from him. I love it! my wife thinks it's Phoenix every time I play it. I will be buying this album from the Dayglow website this year as well. I suspect this album will be enjoyable from needle to needle.

Whatever. I'm in love.


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