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Dayglow's Feel-Good Indie Music Is the Antidote for Dark Pop

One of our picks for best artist of 2020.

Sloan Struble, also known as Dayglow, is a self-made artist who is just having fun with his talents. With catchy tracks like "Can I Call You Tonight" and "Hot Rod," the 20-year-old University of Texas student has amassed over five million Spotify plays and counting. While his sound draws comparison to that of other rising indie pop acts like Wallows, boy pablo, HUNNY, and COIN, Dayglow has managed to distinguish himself clearly in an already crowded genre.

A self-taught producer and musician, Dayglow began working with Garageband at age 10 at his childhood home in Aledo, Texas, a small suburb of Fort Worth. Growing up with not much of a music scene to speak of, Dayglow, as an artist, was somewhat raised by the internet, looking to artists like Michael Jackson and Tame Impala for inspiration.

Much like Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, Dayglow prides himself on doing it all: songwriting, producing, performing, and mixing, as well as leading his own creative direction. With Dayglow, everything is a product of his singular imagination, creating a style that is distinct and undeniably sincere.

While Dayglow attributes some of his streaming success to "getting lucky" with Spotify algorithms, his achievements are really anything but. His songs have an exceptional sense of optimism and a feel-good freedom rarely seen in pop today. While many rising acts are releasing a darker, melancholic pop, Dayglow's music acts as an antidote.

His debut album, Fuzzybrain, reveals an artist coming of age. His work is both relatable and irresistible, leading him to seemingly overnight success. In less than a year, he started college, released his debut album, played at SXSW, and opened for joan, The Band CAMINO and Misterwives. For Dayglow, it seems, this is only the beginning.

Check out this short but sweet set Live From Austin, TX.


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