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Dijon releases folk song modeled after hip-hop posse cuts and it is amazing!

Singer-songwriter Dijon has released a new song, “The Stranger,” which features a unique cast of guests including John C. Reilly and Tobias Jesso, Jr.

“The Stranger” is a folk posse cut of sorts that finds Dijon and his guests — who also include Sachi DiSerafino, Dan Reeder, and Thea Gustafsson — alternating verses over a tender guitar progression. The result is a song that feels as if it contains a sprawling, occasionally strange, but ultimately cohesive little universe inside of it.

“I always wanted to make a duet and couldn’t,” Dijon said of the song in a statement. “[G]ot drunk and started what I wanted to be one, then had friends at the house and they sang harmonies while I slumped over embarrassingly trying not to throw up from the booze. This strange idea of creating a bizarre posse song, similar to ‘Scenario’ by A Tribe Called Quest or something, but with guitars. Different voices on the same guitar loop was intriguing and I asked people I knew if they wanted to try it. Eventually, [producers] Jack [Karaszewski], Henry [Kwapis] and I randomly threw names in a hat of who would seem really strange and fun on it; mostly people we’d never heard on a song or on an album together. I am very appreciative that these people gave this a chance.”



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