Julie Jean (aka Shirley Dean) Turns 44... and there may be repercussions

Last night was the love of my life's 44th birthday.

I Tried my best to make this a special event. And For the most part, it was. Her name is Julie. But enough about her, let me give you a little back story on myself.

I run a radio station. I play only new music. And music that, I think is 'good'. That is to say, music that I like. I respect my friends' musical tastes as well and songs that they like wind up on my radio station. It's a musical village so to speak.

That being said, I also highly regard Julie's musical opinion. She has introduced me to some of my favorite acts of all time. She's usually spot on.

However; last night she introduced me to a song that took me quite by surprise. I must admit, I am listening to it now. Not joyfully though. I am playing it right now to remind myself of how awful it is. How utterly ridiculous it is. I am also remembering her smile as she listened. Did she actually like this song? The answer is, yes! She thought she was showing me a hidden gem. A song undiscovered from the 80s. Like she alone was the champion of this long dormant song, as if nobody before had realized it's greatness. Well... with my most polite collection of thoughts... It's absolutely unbearable.

In all of its' 4 minutes and 40 seconds of glory, this may well be the worst song in the history of recorded music. As I listen again, It only solidifies my distaste in this piece of musical dung. I look at her differently now. What is going on behind those eyes? Does she really love me? Does she actually 'wanna know love is'? She plays the aforementioned song by Foreigner quite often. Is that a cry for help?

Don't let my poo poo of this attempt at a song be your guide. Listen for yourself. As for me, I worry for her now. I think she may be lacking in her faculties. I'm unclear on what to do now. Who to call. What steps to take to return her to what I believe was her regular self. By all accounts, she seems normal. Asking for food when she is hungry, going to the bathroom, engaging with our 5 year old daughter, texting with friends.

I suppose I will continue to love her despite her fascination with this work of, for lack of a better word, art? Who knows? With this letter to whom it may concern, I implore you to reach out. To make it known to her that you love her, and you are there for her. And this is but a glitch on her otherwise flawless record of magnificent musical taste.

Listen at your own risk:

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