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Mother Mother promoting self-love as a modality for living

Mother Mother are breaking off a piece of their upcoming album Inside. This time, it's a track called "Forgotten Souls".

Of "Forgotten Souls," Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond said:

"Forgotten Souls" is an older idea that made the record. It was important to me that if we were to include songs conceptualized before Inside, they align with the album's theme. The lyric 'the garden grows in frozen rain' fit perfectly, and quite accurately describes a big part of healing: trust and trusting in the process. We often link growth to external markers of success, and if we can't see it, we don't believe it — but the soul is constantly evolving and expanding, just from time passing. A different kind of soil turns over when we're just simply being, just like the earth enriches beneath the ice in the dead of winter.


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