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Sea Girls share powerful new track ‘Accident Waiting To Happen’

Sea Girls have shared new track ‘Accident Waiting To Happen’, marking the first original release from the band since the arrival of their debut album earlier this year.

The energetic new effort sees the London band at their thunderous best, and will feature exclusively on the soundtrack of Xbox game ‘Dirt 5’ – which is set for release at the end of this month.

Other artists to feature on the soundtrack includes the likes of Yungblud, The Killers, Foals, Stormzy and The Mysterines.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, lead singer Henry Camamile also revealed how suffering a traumatic brain injury influenced the direction of the band’s debut album.

He recalled how he hit his head on a pub cellar door, with the injury directly causing Camamile to suffer from mental health struggles.

“I was partying too much, and I was relying on the wrong things. I was a sad post-teen,” Camamile explained.

“I think that’s typical to a lot of people, but I experienced this head injury when I was knocked out at work. After that, my perspective just changed. With my writing, I was like: ‘Shit, I feel like I’m in fucking trouble’. Things had just got worse and I felt miserable.

“I started writing a lot more bluntly, a lot more truthfully.”

In a four-star review of their debut album ‘Open Up Your Head‘, NME hailed the record for providing “introspective indie anthems for anxious times”.

“‘Open Up Your Head’ is an accomplished debut that takes Sea Girls’ brand of indie-rock on countless new adventures, and leaves plenty of doors ajar for further exploration for a genre in dire need of a kick up the backside,” our verdict stated.

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