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Still Woozy reveals infatuating new single "Window"

Indie bedroom pop prodigy Sven Gamsky, better known as Still Woozy, has just released a charming new ballad "Window." The song is Gamsky's first of this year and follows up a meteoric 2019 that saw the release of the Lately EP and the explosion of the 2017 single "Goodie Bag." A fluttering a flirtatious effort from Still Woozy, "Window" is a promising first step of the new decade that expands on his groovy DIY aesthetic while maintaining a touching intimacy.

"Window" is a sweet ode to a fresh, childlike love that finds thrilling joy in rebellious endeavors like "going in through the window so nobody sees." Gamsky's smooth vocal strokes fit this theme of tender reminiscing very fittingly. His words feel like butterflies in the stomach. He's also backed by an ethereal instrumental that hums, squeaks, and floats along with carefree bliss. The warm keys, thumping bassline, and flickering guitar riffs render what comes off as a daydream. There are also some soulful vocal samples that help invoke the retro aesthetics of love established by the lyrics. The end result from Still Woozy is vulnerably and hopelessly enamoring, opting to not try and restrain the radiant pulses but instead just go along for the ride.

Still Woozy's "Window" has come at a perfect time, providing lighthearted escapism and altruism that is joyous and therapeutic in any context. It also, despite having yet to release a full-length album, proves Sven Gamsky's undeniable presence and staying power in the music industry. Make no mistake, Still Woozy is here for the long haul, and he's only getting better.

Connect with Still Woozy: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

Story by Max Pasion-Gonzales published by EARMILK


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