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The POP Stream launches 24 hour Music Video Channel

The Pop Stream has officially launched their video companion to go along with their acclaimed Indie radio station. Owner/Operator/Curator Wes O'lee says, "The video channel will feature the same great content that appears in The POP Stream Radio rotation."

The new station aptly named, "The POP Vidoes" features a playlist that ranges from 120 to 180 videos with new videos added daily. "I wanted to showcase videos that aren't getting airplay through traditional music video outlets", says O'lee.

The station will run commercial free 24/7 with occasional Mtv retro ID's from the 80's. You can find the new channel at, It can also be found at It can be viewed online as well as mobile, and can be cast to many TV platforms including Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku.


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