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Video of the Day: Psymon Spine "Jumprope"

Brooklyn psych pop and dance collective Psymon Spine have released their new single, “Jumprope,” premiering with Under the Radar. Some might recognize Sabine Holler and Noah Prebish from the dream pop band Barrie, but Psymon Spine takes a different route, instead exploring experimental pop and dance through lush beds of synths and idiosyncratic dance grooves. Coming almost four years after their debut record, You Are Coming to My Birthday, Psymon Spine’s upcoming album, Charismatic Megafauna, reintroduces the band's style of kaleidoscopic dance music to the world. The record also features contributions from Barrie Lindsay (aka Barrie) and fellow psych pop devotee Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT.

Built around a tight funk bassline, dynamic dance beat, and Holler’s mesmerizing vocals, “Jumprope” quickly brings to mind dance punk greats such as LCD Soundsystem. But once the band locks into the song’s groove, they also loosen up for some bursts of maximalist psych pop, coloring the song with panning blasts of guitar, wild synth tones, and an overlapping instrumental climax. Psymon Spine deftly finds a subtle middle ground between bold instrumental diversions and hypnotic grooves. The effect immediately grabs hold and pulls the listener along a wild left-field dance trip. The cross-continental video was filmed connects the band between Germany and the US as Holler’s dance moves entrance the rest of the band into an imitative stupor.

Holler says of the song, “The video for Jumprope was directed and conceptualized by our very talented friend Jennifer Medina. Due to Covid restrictions, I’ve been staying in Germany (where I lived before coming to New York) while the rest of the band is in the states. We asked Jen to come up with an idea for a music video that would connect us between continents. Jen joined the rest of the band in Montauk, where they were staying at our friend’s beach house, working on new music. Meanwhile in Berlin, I had my two (also very talented) friends Alicia Perez and Maria Arespacochaga film and direct me doing my parts per Jen’s overall vision. We thought the brutalist German architecture, along with my angular dance/exercise moves, would be a funny contrast to the soft fall colors of Montauk where the boys were at the time. We’re so happy with how the video came out and excited to share it with you all." Check out the song and video below and the new album Charismatic Megafauna, out February 19 via Northern Spy.

Original Post - By Caleb Campbell - Photography by Rachel Cabitt

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